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Steve Cope
3rd Ward Candidate

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"I want Woodbury to be the safest city that it can be!"

Steve has been a resident of Woodbury since 1992. Beginning his career in public service at the age of 15, Steve became a junior volunteer fireman in Westville. He graduated from Gateway High School in 1988 and has worked in the City of Woodbury almost his entire life, where he also started his career in law enforcement. For 25 years he served the city, moving up to the rank of Lieutenant by his retirement in 2013. During that time he was also the Woodbury Emergency Management Coordinator. After retiring from the Department, he went on to become the Manager of Security & Emergency Management at Kennedy/Jefferson Health, and then at Inspira Health Network. Steve is current the Emergency Preparedness Specialist at South Jersey Industries and the Deputy Fire Chief for Westville, NJ. Steve has been married to his wife Nichole for 16 years. They have 5 children and 4 grandchildren. 

After his retirement, Steve was able to pay more attention to the way the city has operated. It quickly became clear to him that we have lost focus on basic city needs. He feels the current standards of our local government are not connected to the desires of our citizens and wants to bring that energy back as your next Council representative. Steve will be a leader and an engaged city council representative that answers questions directly and is held accountable to the citizens that elect him to represent their best interests. 

As your City Council Representative, I want to:

  • Re-establish our volunteer fire department to a standard that provides 24/7 fire protection our citizens deserve

  • Make sure each city department is operating efficiently and effectively 

  • Be transparent, accountable, and engaging for all residents

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