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Pascual Ortiz
2nd Ward Candidate

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"You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety" - Abraham Maslow

Pascual is a 16-year homeowners and resident of Woodbury. Prior to moving to Woodbury, Pascual was a native a Burlington County for most of his childhood. Pascual made the choice to start his family and relocate to our beautiful city to also be closer to his work.

For over twenty years, Pascual has worked in the field of telecommunications, working for fortune 100 companies globally. Due to the pandemic, he was forced to stay idle but in turn go to spend more time in his community. Pascual realized there was an opportunity to do more and started attending City Council meetings. Surprised and unsatisfied with what he was hearing, Pascual knew he had a responsibility to do more. After discussing with his family and friends, Pascual decided it was the right time to run for City Council in Ward 2 and become a change agent for the community. 

As your City Council Representative, I want to:

  • Attract new businesses such as technology-related enterprise that will help lead to economic innovation for Woodbury

  • Create more inviting and beautiful public spaces for parks and recreation that all families can enjoy

  • Put Woodbury back on the map as a leader, not a follower, and show others what our City has to offer

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