Aaron Weber

1st Ward Candidate

Ward Map.PNG

"For too many years the discussion has been 'How can we make Woodbury like other cities?' 

The real discussion should be 'How can we support & elevate the unique businesses and communities that Woodbury has offered all along?'"

Aaron was born and raised in Woodbury. He attended West End School as a child and graduated from Woodbury High School in 2002. Aaron has participated in many Woodbury based sports leagues growing up, and was also a member of Cub Pack 7 and BSA Troop 74.

Last summer Aaron got even more involved in the community when he became the Summer Arts Educator for the "Art in the Street" public program. He also organized and participated in last summer's "Art Outside" public art exhibition, where local artists from around the area displayed their work publicly on residentials streets across the City.

Aaron is a founding Board member of the South Jersey Artists Collective, a member of the Board of Trustees for the Woodbury Public Library, and is currently the main Art Teacher for all three of the Woodbury City Public School District's elementary schools (Walnut, Evergreen, and West End).

As your City Council Representative, I want to:

  • Restore and reinvent community events, such as the Car Show, the Fall Craft Show, and the Block Party, while also supporting newer events like the Juneteenth Celebration

  • Build better relationships between community members and the governing body.  This includes better transparency of decision making, making meetings more accessible, and providing much needed services for ESL community members

  • Hold property owners of storefronts responsible for renovating and maintaining buildings to make them viable locations for businesses

  • Recruit and support small, independent businesses to create a unique downtown experience unlike any in surrounding towns