One City, United Together, For the People

Our platform comes from years of listening to the community and their concerns, and developing real solutions to address them.
As your Council representatives we want to address the issues that truly matter most to you. 
The Issues: Transparency & Accountability
Engaged City Council
  • Posting all public Council meetings on the City website, social media, and YouTube

  • Rescinding the five-minute limit to public sessions

  • Public posting of Council committee meeting minutes

  • Quarterly town hall public forums with representatives and City residents & community leaders

  • Donate annual Council salary/stipend

Patronage & Hiring

  • Public notice of all City employee positions

  • Review current hiring process and provide recommendations for best practices

  • Support a culture of commitment to the City from public employees in all departments

City Hall Access

  • Creating an Office of Civic Engagement & Education in partnership with the School District

  • Quarterly City Hall history tours

  • Language translation services at City Hall