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Woodbury Human Rights Commission

We’d like to take a moment to highlight the Woodbury Human Rights Commission.

The Commission was created in 2017 “to further the goals of the elimination of discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity or expression, race, creed, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, marital or political status, affectional or sexual orientation, domestic partnership status, atypical heredity, cellular or blood trait, genetic information, disability (including AIDS or HIV infection), liability for service in the United States armed forces, and/or any other characteristic protected by law and further the education of the public on issues of diversity and inclusion.

Additionally, this Commission is charged with developing public education programs, holding community discussions, presenting panels, advising City leaders, reviewing City ordinances, and acting “as an oversight entity for…collaboration on issues impacting diversity and non-discrimination.”

Unfortunately, since its creation the Commission has not be able to effectively accomplish any of these goals. Even more so in recent months, newly appointed members have deep ties to the local Democratic party; a concern that not much will move forward with this Commission as we have already seen over the past four years. While we applaud the efforts of community leaders to establish this Commission, and the City to take on the task of bringing about consistent and intentional inclusion of the City’s diversity, we are still hopeful that the right leaders will actually make it happen.

The Woodbury United Together City Council candidates will strive to be truly inclusive and action-oriented through community outreach and aggressive recruitment of diverse voices for volunteer committees and groups.

(For more information on the Woodbury Human Rights Commission, click here)

As we approach Pride month and Juneteenth celebrations, the City should make a renewed commitment, one that is consistent and focused on getting things done, to uplift our minority and unheard communities. The Human Rights Commission in its ideal form is one that is representative of our City’s diversity: LGBTQ+ members, Latinx voices, single parents, renters, and anyone that feels they haven’t had their voice heard in the community or City Hall.

We deeply appreciate and care about Woodbury’s diversity, and the Human Rights Commission should be a beacon of hope to those who feel they’ve been left out or uncounted. Right now those voices still feel that way, but there’s another option to choose on June 8th that will squarely set those voices in the center once again!

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