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Voting Rights & Good Trouble

We’d like to take a bit of time to recognize the enormous contributions that the late John Lewis made to the Civil Rights Movement and to our country. We celebrate Congressman Lewis’ great legacy in the fight for voting rights and commend President Biden’s recent executive action to continue the fight for promoting broader access to voting.

The bravery shown by all of those who marched from Selma to Montgomery on March 7, 1965 is the reason we today have the Voting Rights Act in place. The courage to stand up against the billy clubs and barking dogs is why the movement for civil rights echoes throughout generations. But after 56 years there is still much work to do for everyone in this country who can vote to have the access they deserve.

Our campaign makes it a central mission to get as many Woodbury residents registered to vote this election. It is so important that all of us perform this civic duty, not just because the representatives we choose make lasting decisions that change our lives, but for a more important reason. When we remain stagnant, when we don’t vote, we give those who are elected a free pass to do as they please; to make decisions for us that might not be in our best interest. A vote is more than a choice; it’s an action, that boldly – in the face of bully clubs or just bullies in general – says that we get to choose our future. We get to choose the best direction for our City, and no one gets to take that choice away from us.

It may stir up a little trouble at first to take back something that so many people have gotten used to winning by default, but in the words of the late Congressman Lewis, we should “never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble.”

If you’d like to register to vote, want to find out if you’re registered, or learn how you can help us get other Woodbury registered, click this link and we’ll work it out together:

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