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Tuning in & Supporting!

Hi Woodbury United Together! I just saw the post on Facebook and read your ideas on the website - all great!

For so many years City Hall has ignored us residents and you are touching on all the important areas; especially mending the School Board relationships! We have the best schools and teachers! They are not always appreciated by the City.

I know all three of you in a different capacity and look forward to hearing more of what you are planning and supporting you. My only prayer is that you can 1) WIN and 2) bypass all the politics as usual and be a voice. Thank you for all you are doing. This is grassroots stuff and I will spread the word! And I promise to go to City Council meeting when you win!

I live in Ward 2 and everyone in town forgets about us over here - I know Shelly will not.

GOOD LUCK! I will be tuning in and supporting!!

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