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Should I Vote by Mail?

The vote-by-mail (VBM) ballot is a very important tool in local elections. Here in Woodbury it’s been regularly used by the establishment Democratic party. In the 2020 general election, more than 3.6 million New Jerseyans voted by mail and 43% of those voters were Democrats. In Woodbury, nearly 4,600 residents (70% of all registered voters in the City) voted by mail in the 2020 general election.

Of course the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed for a more regular use of VBM ballots, but it has always been important for a couple of reasons.

First, voting by mail means that you can vote earlier than Election Day. Voters in New Jersey are able to request a VBM ballot as early as 45 days before the election. This means that you can vote as soon as April 23rd in the upcoming primary election. Voting early by mail is a great way to secure your vote and your voice!

Second, voting by mail is just as secure as voting in person. There are at least ten drop boxes throughout Gloucester County where you can safely drop off your VBM ballot. These drop boxes are guarded by local police and ballots are picked up directly by County election staff every 24 hours. You can also track your ballot through the County website to make sure it’s been received and accepted.

Third, and most importantly (this is the part the establishment won't tell you!), the VBM ballot is a great way for us to track how we're doing in connecting with voters. When a candidate chats with you and you tell them that you'll vote for them (by mail), just like you can track your ballot, so can the candidate. Every 24 hours the County updates a public list of VBM ballots received. Our team can check that list, and if your name is there we know that we've secured one more vote to help us across the finish line!

“Voting by mail is vital because it gives us more of the advantage we need in this election,” said Jared Hunter, Woodbury United Together’s Mayoral candidate. “The process is secure and it gives our team a sense of how well we're doing in connecting with folks that say they'll vote for us. When you vote early and vote by mail, we can keep better track of who else we haven't connected with yet. It's easier for us then to make sure everyone that can vote gets involved in this election!”

If you'd like to vote by mail in the upcoming primary election you can request a VBM ballot by filling out this application and mailing it back to the County Clerk's office for free. You can request a VBM ballot up until May 31st. They'll mail you an official ballot, you cast your vote, and return the ballot either by mail (postmarked by 8:00 pm on June 7th), or in person (by 8:00 pm on June 7th) at a secure dropbox or the County Board of Elections office at 550 Grove Rd in West Deptford.

The primary election this year is June 7th, and when you get your ballot please consider voting for our ticket. Check out the rest of our website to learn more about our candidates and platform to make an informed decision this election!

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