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A Message from Former Mayor Leslie Clark

Dear Friends,

For years now many of us have become disheartened by the fact that our city council is basically just one cog in the county Democratic machine. We’ve watched as pricey contract after contract, wasting our high tax dollars, gets awarded to hand-picked Democrat cronies. How many “studies” and “analyses” do we have to underwrite before something good happens? (Can you imagine if that money had been spent on some street repavings instead?! We wouldn’t be blowing our tires out on potholes and patches all over town.)

We’ve all longed for some real action on economic development, only to hear that “when the commuter train comes it will be the boost Woodbury needs.” I don’t know about you but I’ve been hearing that the train “is only 8 years away” ….since I moved here in 1980. Why are we still waiting for the train? It may never happen. Meanwhile, true economic development, which takes guts and action to fix the problem buildings and landlords so that businesses are willing to rent here, gets kicked down the road. Again.

Finally, this year, we have another option. Woodbury United is team of progressive Democrats who are as tired as we are of the status quo. As a former Republican, I recognize the reality of getting change in Woodbury isn’t by trying to elect some sacrificial lamb candidate in hopes that his/her lone voice on Council will be heard. Getting change requires changing the Democrats who currently hold office to ones who have energy, ideas, and the courage to stand up and advocate for real changes. Ones who aren’t beholden to the county machine.

That team is Woodbury United.

In the Third Ward, candidate Jamilah Damiani is running in the primary against the incumbent Democrat. I know Jamilah and many of you might, as well. She had two stores in Woodbury – first on South Broad Street and then on North Broad Street. She’d still be there if COVID hadn’t happened. Jamilah is also active in FAF and LOT 323 and is just what we need on City Council. She knows firsthand what our downtown needs to thrive. The reason I write to you now is that the primary, for all intents and purposes, IS the election this year. If Woodbury United is successful in winning the primary, they are sure to win the general election in November. If the majority of Democrats in the Third Ward vote, by mail or in person, for Jamilah, we stand a chance. Otherwise we’re looking at more of the same going forward.

Please check out Woodbury United’s website and Facebook page. More importantly, please vote in the primary. We need this! Thanks for reading this long message! You are good friends to do so.

- Leslie

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