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One City, United Together, For the People

Our platform comes from years of listening to the community and their concerns, and developing real solutions to address them.
As your elected representatives we want to address the issues that truly matter most to you. 
The Issues: Economic Development

Local Business

  • Hire a full-time Business Director to manage economic development & business needs for our local economy

  • Implement a Two-For-One business development policy that invests directly in existing local businesses while creating the economic landscape to attract new enterprises

  • Establish a community-driven Business Commission to create attractive & family-friendly public events


Property Maintenance

  • Conduct a commercial buildings inventory 

  • Public access to a Vacant & Abandoned Registry within City Hall to track all vacant & abandoned properties in Woodbury, 

  • Introduce a vacancy tax on storefronts that have been vacant for longer than 12 months

  • Start a "social enterprise fund" to transform vacant properties into vibrant public spaces alongside local artists

  • Moratorium on city-purchased properties

  • Hire a Landlord-Tenant Liaison within the Planning & Zoning Board

City-wide Redevelopment

  • Review and update the city's Master Redevelopment Plan without spending taxpayer dollars on ineffective studies

  • Leverage the federally-designated Opportunity Zone in North Woodbury to create an innovative business incubator that will attract the region's newest & most exciting enterprises to our city

  • Implement a practical Main Street Approach in our city's commercial corridors

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