One City, United Together, For the People

Our platform comes from years of listening to the community and their concerns, and developing real solutions to address them.
As your Council representatives we want to address the issues that truly matter most to you. 
The Issues: Community Development
Programs & Services
  • Revive community leadership and volunteers responsible for the City's traditional public events like the Car Show, Fireworks, and Fall Festival Parade
  • Work with community leaders to create new public events that highlights downtown as community-oriented
  • Publicize the various bike trails around the City
  • Create more seasonal recreation programming utilizing City parks
  • Review shared service agreements & make recommendations on best practices to ensure residents are receiving the maximum benefit from services they pay for
Woodbury Community Center
  • Review the feasibility of converting City-owned buildings into a permanent community center that is publicly available & accessible for all residents
  • Connect regularly with local nonprofit organizations to develop an action plan for creating vibrant & engaging public spaces for all Woodbury residents
Bridging the Gaps
  • Develop stronger relationships with County Commissioners and other County level officials
  • Restore connections with the Woodbury City School Board
  • Instill a stronger sense of willingness from City officials to engage & connect with hidden communities like the Latino population, seniors, and apartment complexes