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One City, United Together, For the People

Our platform comes from years of listening to the community and their concerns, and developing real solutions to address them.
As your Council representatives we want to address the issues that truly matter most to you. 
Economic Development

Encouraging a local business-friendly environment to kickstart our economic engines in all of our commercial corridors


​​Developing a plan with local businesses and property owners to address poor building conditions across the city


Working collectively with businesses and community leaders to create a sustainable City-wide redevelopment plan​​

Transparency & Accountability

An engaged City Council, willing to listen to resident concerns while still being proactive to local needs​

Creating a more accessible, open, and welcoming environment within City Hall​​

Community Development

Providing tax payers with an effective and efficient local government capable of administering high-quality public programs & services

Empowering local community leaders, nonprofits, civic organizations, and affinity with the support they need to create high-quality & engaging public events & spaces

Bridging the gaps between different neighborhoods, cultures, and perspectives

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